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Hovering over top row of loadouts with 10 loadouts bugged


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I have 10 conclave loadouts so they're stacked in 2 rows of 5. What's supposed to happen is what when you mouse over a loadout, the loadout preview expands. However, if I try to hover over a loadout in the top row, the loadout below it expands. In order to mouse over one of the top 5 loadouts, I have to awkwardly mouse over where the expanded view will be, rather than over the loadout button itself because the loadout below expands and prevents me from hovering over the top loadout. 

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On 2021-09-10 at 9:11 PM, Kontrollo said:

Someone fixed this, great!

but now some people are missing from the score board during matches and at the end of match resume. It only shows the 5 guys who joined the lobby first if I'm not mistaken.

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