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Please prioritize parazon animation above anything else


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As you all know, We got new mechanism for Parazon



The change is based on a core principle: We want to make them more reliable and more strategic so you can actively decide if you want to use a Mercy kill or not.

Our change is rooted in the following:

A Mercy Kill opportunity will be guaranteed when an enemy gets below 40% (60% for Corpus, but requires all Shields being stripped), but only on SPECIFIC units in each faction. 


This is a very welcomed change, I'm getting used to it, really liked being able to finishing up some of those elite enemies
but there's something that needs to be improved about this Parazon:

Please Prioritize Parazon trigger above anything else
Some states prevent player from triggering parazon; burned, blinded, heavy gunner/bombard slamming the ground.
Please prioritize Parazon trigger above anything else.
Not to mention the parazon icon trigger can vanish while we wait their "burned" animation finished (Thus can't perform parazon). 
What's the point for those parazon changes if we can't use it properly? This is very frustrating and it looks silly.

And another thing: Why Swift Mercy doesn't work on Thrall/Hound? This is a very nice mod that I wanna put into my parazon but because of those problem state above, can't seem to utilize it much.

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I don't see why they couldn't have just made it so enemies go into a downed state like with the Lich Thralls. There has never been a problem with those as far as I can tell, aside from the positioning glitch that causes it to do a hacking animation instead.

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