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My Gamepad Doesnt Work..



So just yesterday i bought my first PC gamepad ( Saitek P580 Rumble colour red ) But after installing the drivers n such i cant get it to work... my game doesnt recognize it i cant even change the buttons at the options menu. I dont know what else to do rather than give it back lol :p

I've also tried other games and it still doesnt work.

Thanks for anything you know in advance.

Oh and if you know any solutions that are manualy achieved tell me how-to do it aswell.. Cuz im new at PC gamepads.

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I checked your controller and it looks a bit datet honestly, so that may be the reason.
I use a xbox 360 controller and it worked fine with warframe and all other gamepad using games. (I recommend it!)

If you still really want to use a gamepad for gaming and it isnt working for a specific game, you could try Xpadder, a program that makes it possible to  bind keyboard keys to the gamepad.

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