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Will Tannukai armor and long sword skin be available from Baro in the future?


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Seems like 1 stupid tenno forgot it was time for Tennocon. I was taking semi break from the game, but still logged in actively every week to do sorties and etc. Completely missed Tennocon this year unlike last year, where I watched and got all the rewards. Seems like Lotus Epherma was added to Baro roughly year after Tennocon 2019 so I wonder if Lemnas will be available after August this year. I don't care about the new gunblade and Loki Prime, because I already had Loki P and can get the gunblade by playing, but new long sword skin and armor would be nice. Will they come to Baro later? I know they are just skins, but for the sake of completion.

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