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Changes to primary arcane drops?



So I was doing a 105-min survival today farming primary/secondary arcanes, but I only got secondary as drops. All of them. So now I'm wondering if I missed a change somewhere regarding drop locations. It's been about a week or so since I farmed the last time and each time before today I had at least some of the primary arcanes drop.

And whilst I wouldn't be surprised that my luck is quite bad, not getting a single one seems highly unlikely.

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RNG can be incredibly cruel sometimes.

I got 20 Primary Merciless arcanes really quickly, now I went 60+ drops without one.

Like wtf is this bad luck:


I finally decided to just buy the final one today, if I drop more during my dailies tomorow, I can just sell them.

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 I did two separate 45 Minute Steel Path Survivals last night and not a single Primary Merciless - I'm not sure I got any Primary Arcanes at all but Merciless was what I was looking for. 

Also did all of the daily Steel Path Invasions and none either.


Could be just RNG but seemed odd.

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2 minutes ago, Uhkretor said:



I'm pretty sure what happened to you happened to everyone. I wanted more secondary deadheads but I only got Primary arcanes so.... RNG.

Sure.. But still though, not a single one out of the 24 dropped were primary

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