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Need old ordis back



Hello there fellow tenno,


I'm having an issue that I need help with.


Since the old blood update, ordis has had this color change during transmissions and I want the old ordis back, I've seen many youtubers and people with the normalized blue ordis even after the old blood, this was ordis before the old blood update




After the old blood update, I get one with a black background and a very slight blue color, I want old ordis back.









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1 hour ago, DarknessNightshade said:

If you did a basic google on how to fix this issue you'd see a similar thread with an answer.

Something to do with deferred rendering in the settings.

I google searched it and found an old post saying it was a bug that DE was looking it into, extremely doubted it, since it was so old, but after searching up the same thing but with deffered settings I found something that can help me, its for PC though, but I think its in the settings.


I will mark your post as an answer as soon as this solution works.

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