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Frost Avalanche Suggestion


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I'm not here to say that it should be buffed damage wise, I'm content with it not being able to kill higher level enemies, however I don't feel like enemies just to return to the state that they were in if they do not get killed by Avalanche.

If I'm in the middle of a horde of enemies and use it, and they don't die, they just continue firing away like nothing ever happened.


I want to propose that after Avalanche finishes, that enemies either need to

a. still be frozen for a little bit and have to thaw out for a few seconds   or

b. still be affected by the blind effect for a for seconds.


Snow Globe's projectile impenetrable line of defense is absolutely worthless if a horde of enemies make it inside of it and I feel like Avalanche should be the last line of defense should they make it through, but currently that only works if avalanche kills everything inside of it.

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Yeah Avalance should make them intense freeze (still freezing if they getting damage) for 8 seconds. Its increase frost benefits from defense to defense and cc. No need buff just balance so can reduce damage to 800 i don't mind. Avalance its reliable for enemy level below 40 - 50 for now. 

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