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Hound with 'puppy' mod is bugged once gilded


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The Hound from the Sisters of Parvos which has the Diversified Denial mod, the bloodhound-esque face, and the square shoulderpads, seems to have a bug once gilded.

It leveled 1-30 perfectly as expected.

Gilded and named today. Since then, it seems glitched.

Pre-gilding: You had one blue dog icon when not in puppy phase. When puppy phase was active, you would have three blue icons on map. Rezed, died etc all as per all pets. Majoritively followed the owning warframe or free roamed.

Since gilding: One blue dog icon when NOT in puppy mode. When in puppy mode, a single blue icon remains at random on map. 3 'party member down' flashing white/red icons track the puppies at all times. At random, in either phase, the dog will simply die with no bleed out timer and often without even being in combat. It also latches on to non-owning party members and follows them, not the owning warframe and very little free roam.


I happen to be playing with someone in the same home as me, so can confirm other party members see the same things, it's not that only I can't see the bleedout timer etc, it's just not there. Deaths are very random- it died walking out of the cave from Deck 12 to the 2nd phase of the exploiter orb fight because a door opened. It died on a railjack mission like 2 minutes after borders were repelled with no action. And so on.

In puppy phase it shows silver invulnerable icons on shield/health at all times. I don't know if that's meant to happen or not- it was happening since I got it, both before and after gilding.

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