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Proposal: Rename Foundry to the Houndry


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11 minutes ago, Loveframe said:


Those are rookie numbers.  You need to pump those numbers UP!

(It's a joke.)  It would be nice if they added a way to just transfer unwanted Hounds directly to Legs in exchange for Fortuna Standing.  Or to sell them directly from the Foundry.  As people try to get Tenet weapons (all of them, all of them to +60%, or just a couple of their favorites) the spare Hounds are going to start piling up.  Having to claim them to sell them is sort of annoying.  Having to claim them and then level them to max to trade them for "not a lot of Standing" is also annoying.

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44 minutes ago, TARINunit9 said:

Tennant weapon...

as a fan of the 10th Doctor Who, I approve of this typo!

Doctor Who Yes GIF

but yes, the hounds are annoying. I decided I'll wait until I get a booster or a double Affinity weekend to level up the wretched things, because them clogging up the foundry is still better than dragging each one to level 30, reviving them every few seconds, just for some MR points. I can grind with dedication, but I'm not touching any companions without a booster on; never did even with my Panzer, and that's the de-facto best combat companion in the game. 

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33 minutes ago, (PSN)robotwars7 said:

never did even with my Panzer, and that's the de-facto best combat companion in the game. 

I like the *idea* of the Hound pets.  And they aren't quite as hopeless as a Moa.  (I think.)  But they're nowhere near as good as the Panzer-fox.  T-T  And that's setting aside the part where I'm almost certain that they've got some kind of glitch that causes them to do self-damage.  I've had Hounds just drop dead and need a revive even though all the enemies died serveral seconds ago.  So... they're either doing self damage when one of their powers ends, or they're getting *insane* stacks of Slash/Fire Procs, and in a way that doesn't seem to affect any other pets.  (My panzer-fox never drops dead and respawns in the middle of an otherwise empty room.)

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Honestly, I don't care about turning them in for Solaris Standing

I just can't be bothered to buy the two Companion Slots needed to Claim and Delete them.

Even if I wanted to waste the Plat on slots that will be left empty, the clicking back and fourth isn't gonna be fun.


So I'm going to just let them pile up in my Foundry Forever.

Eventually DE will notice enough people doing this and add some fix.


-The point of Purchasable Slots is *supposedly* to help monetize the database usage to store our junk. Well, by leaving all this junk in the Foundry, I'm still using up database space and not paying for it; so eat it DE.


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