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Dark Investors


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I am looking for encouraged players who are willing to help with some clan development. (Mostly recruiting)


My clan: the Dark Investors is a R10 Storm clan with inactivity and almost no members in it. The clan is inactive with active players(9)(Before, any questions: No, the players already in the clan won't help me. Yes I've already asked them), with a maxed, decorated dojo and 100% labs.

I would really love to Start it up and make a friendly community out of it. Yes i know its a really really long period of recruiting and everything, but i already done it once. I have a lot of plans with this clan, I wouldn't like it to just go everything to the trash.

Once i was "mostly" leading a clan and I know it's a pain in the ass work(it just takes a lot of time), but with help it's quite fun.

Everyone is welcome! Literally, if you want to experience some dojo building i can give you a room and you can go, if you want to recruit members, or just to try how hard it is to lead a clan, or just manage it, or manage a discord server, you are free to join. (Yes, as i said, there are almost no members in the clan, so the first thing is recruiting, but i'm open for any ideas.)

I have a discord server too, for the clan, and guess what, empty too. If you like the idea of this all, you can find me here: https://discord.gg/kq4U4ptgbc

Or if you want to just play, chill or farm, feel free to join.

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