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Warframe Concept - Yokai

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Long forgotten by history, this vengeful warframe has returned from the darkest depths of the Void to punish the wicked. 


Armor: 225

Energy: 100

Health: 575

Shield: 0

Sprint Speed: 1.00


Passive: Yokai’s hair grows as he kills more enemies, eventually growing a third eye once fully matured. At this stage, Yokai will deal permanent heat status effect damage to nearby enemies. Enemies killed by any heat status effect damage drop energy orbs, health orbs, and universal ammo packs.



  • HELLFIRE PUNISHMENT:  Unleash a violent wave of flames upon your foes, dealing heat status effect damage. Damage increases relative to damage taken by Yokai and allies.

  • Drain: 10

  • Drain/Second: 3

  • Damage: 400 Heat

  • Range: 15m

  • Status Chance: 100%

  • Spread Range (Meters): 10m


  • ATONEMENT: Lunge forward to grab an enemy and consume their soul, regaining health. Press the button again to send the corpse flying, dealing heat status effect damage to enemies hit.

  • Drain: 50

  • Range: 14

  • 500 (Puncture)

  • Lifesteal: 50%



  • CORRUPTION: Disappear and corrupt the minds of your foes. Yokai becomes an invisible aura of darkness that can possess enemies in the cast radius. Possessed enemies will follow Yokai and fight for him. Once ability ends, possessed enemies will be incapacitated.

  • Drain: 25

  • Drain/Second: 1 

  • Radius: 5m


  • SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE: Unleash a primal roar of rage that sets everything in your path ablaze, dealing heat status effect damage. Enemies will take additional heat status effect damage when allies' health is damaged. Holding the button summons Yokai’s exalted Kanabo, which deals heat status effect damage to enemies. Yokai’s stats are permanently buffed for every enemy killed by the Kanabo.

  • Drain: 25

  • Drain/Second: 2.5

  • Damage/Second: 1,500 Heat 

  • Range 16m 



  • Drain: 25

  • Drain/Second: 2.5 

  • Damage 250 Impact



  • HELLFIRE PUNISHMENT can travel through walls

  • Enemies sent flying by ATONEMENT will explode on impact, so use this to deal with multiple enemies at once 

  • While using CORRUPTION, Yokai is invincible and invisible, so this can be used to get in and out of situations. Note that Yokai cannot engage in combat while using CORRUPTION.

  • Strength mods can be used to increase the damage of ATONEMENT,  and as a result will increase the amount of Lifesteal. 

  • The flames produced by SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE not only travel through walls, but also coat all nearby surfaces - including walls and roofs, making it great for crowd control.

  • YOKAI gains a damage buff of 1% per enemy killed by the Kanabo. While this appears low, the limit to this buff is 9999%, and its permanent. So try to use this when dealing with a lot of enemies 



Please let me know what you think, honest criticism welcomed :-)

Edited by (XBOX)LegendarySenzu
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