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warframe: Beelzebub, the ravenous insect frame


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random idea i had thinking of an new warframe. taking some ideas here and there from other existing warframes and giving them an slight change. 

Beelzebub, "the lord of flies" is an primeval warframe long since forgotten, or so we hoped. an infinitely ravenous and unending swarm that wipes the field of all source of life just to futile attempt to satiate its hunger. 

low health, no shields, high armor, high energy. 

ability 1: blinding swarm: expels an massive swarm of in an cone insects in an radius, damaging all targets within range, as well cause them to panic.

"ability would be an mix of chroma's spectral scream & inaro's desiccation) the overall animation is of spectral scream as he expels insects tho the effects will be of desiccation without the health drain."

ability 2: shielding swarm: expels an swarm of insects that circle around Beelzebub absorbing all incoming damage,. alt fire, expels the shield in an greater radius but locked to an set point. any enemy that gets too close will be attacked by insects causing them to be damaged and panic. 

"ability would be an mix of zephyr's turbulence & frost's snow globe" 

ability 3: conversion swarm: all enemies that are currently under affect of an insect (shielding swarm & blinding swarm) will temporarily be converted into an ally, before expiring. 

"ability would be similar to nyx chaos with enemies attacking all other factions other enemy factions"

ability 4: for the hive!: all insects (shielding swarm & blinding swarm & conversion swarm) give up their short lived lives in an explosion damaging enemies within radius dealing explosive damage. 

"ability would be similar to nova's molecular prime when detonation, but all at once"

passive: any enemy that dies while under the affect of an insect will leave behind an "jelly" floating above the corpse, Beelzebub can pass through repairing & reinforcing his armor and energy for an small amount. 

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