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About Survival Mission Realistically


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When the oxygen bar drop to 0%, I think instead of we lose 99% total of our health, we will instead have a 90 second count down to:

a/ Run to Extraction

b/ Activated a life savor Pot and/or Pick up an amount of Mini Life Savor to reserve the Oxygen


while we out of Oxygen, the screen will become faint more and more (you can still see Health and Energy bar, the Aiming supporter and the 90 sec Count down).


why do i have this idea ?

1/ When out of Oxygen, normally we just gonna die in 60-90 second due to choking, not bleeding to 99% of health and "hold my breath for" more then 1-2 min ?

2/ The logic of Warframe Survival: "Life Savor Pot are Disable/Disappear when we need them the most...when out of oxygen completely" Seem NOT OK AT ALL.


so, what do u guy think ?



P.s: I hope my vocabulary doesn't make me get a Slap by a Grammar Nazi.

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