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Can I get doxxed in warframe?



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Better question, why would you be at risk of getting Doxxed?

Unless you have some kind of notable online presence you're not really at risk of getting doxxed. If you have friends/associates that do this kind of thing then you're at risk regardless of platform, but if you just live life without causing a lot of trouble (and don't troll) you're unlikely to ever be the target of this behavior. 

Having said that I've never heard of anyone pulling IP addresses from warframe. If they are then this is likely targeted behavior. Doxxing random people is pretty unusual IMO. And just getting someone's IP address doesn't really mean a whole lot by itself as far as I'm concerned. IP addresses don't reveal personal information outside of your location on the internet. The person looking to dox you would need to get other personal information. 

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Yes, it is possible for another player to get your IP if you play a mission with them because Warframe uses a peer-to-peer architecture.  But another player knowing your public IP at that moment is nowhere near a doxing.  Compared to your ISP, Facebook and Google basically knowing everything you do online, and just knowing your public IP when you are playing Warframe really is not much information at all.

Every single website that you go on (including this one) knows your public IP, so if you are that concerned about your IP leaking, maybe consider using a VPN service?  Though that could make your ping time much worse, so you will have to decide if it is worth it or not.

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8 hours ago, (NSW)Luisbus said:

I am on switch and don’t know if I can get doxxed or not, I saw someone say that ppl can easily get your IP, so if this is true please fix this DE 

Via Warframe i don't know of any cases of that, however, if someone trully despises you (like messing up a clan or another player account), you can be targeted by some individuals who specialize in account theft.

What these individuals do is sell warframe accounts to resellers online, but they need the account 1st to do that, they can and will check who you are and will search for any available leaked credentials and try to use them in warframe or other accounts to see if they can extract any information.

Reddit for example does have that information, one user was actually able to get a hold of my old reddit account to try and get back at me when he lost god knows how many accounts due to RMT and other infractions and the reddit account did have IP information on my login locations, altough they were so vague that no doxxing could occur. If a user gets a hold of information online to pinpoint who you are, you can get doxxed, but from warframe alone i find that extremely unlikely to happen.

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