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Came back to the game after 3 years upon hearing that cross play is coming, what should i do to catch up?



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1. Explore the new open world, Deimos.  You will need to hunt, fish and mine.  Don't bother with lures for hunting.  Most can be captured by exploring.   Build a Mech.   Don't bother trying to grind after the new weapons on Deimos.  The parts have very low drop rates.    Once you are able to build a mech and level it up, move on.

2.  Don't worry about building a Railjack for now.  You can join others on railjack missions.  Get your RJ intrinsics to level 4 for Tactical, Gunnery and Engineering, then piloting.   Don't worry about command points unless you decide to build a RJ.

Don't worry about the waverider quest.  That is latest quest and is K-drive related, but they don't really help out in the rest of the game.

The Deadlock Protocol quest is not necessary until you are ready to build a Protea warframe.    I did the quest, but have not been interested enough to grind the parts yet.


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37 minutes ago, (PSN)Darth_Darkious said:

I also want to know what changed since i returned b/c when wisp came out she was mid at best and now she is insane according to the tier list.

Wisp was always insane.  She hasn't changed at all. People just understand her better. 

Vauban is good, That's a big change.


There's been a major rework to melee.  Every melee weapon has higher base damage.  The old Spin to Win meta is no more.    Maiming Strike has been nerfed into the ground.  Blood Rush has been nerfed.   Condition Overload has been nerfed.    Enemy armor and health scaling has been changed to an S curve instead of being exponential.  


Wukong has gotten a rework,  so has ember.  Both are good.   


You can reach MR30 now.    


Most bosses are no longer status immune.  

Status chance can break 100% now.  

Shotgun status chance has been changed to be per pellet instead of per shot. 


There's plenty of new systems.        Railjack, Liches, Sisters.    Really too much to mention.

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The main thing is making sure you have access to everything.

  • Do quests.
  • Do any starchart stuff you haven't done, make sure you have access to all of the starchart.
  • Check out open world stuff you haven't done (but don't try to do it all at once).
  • Check out Railjack.
  • Check out Necramechs.
  • Figure out useful mods you need to catch up on.

Only after all that would I bother to grind frames, weapons, etc, unless there's something you really want.

Tier lists aren't that meaningful.

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1 hour ago, (PSN)Darth_Darkious said:

Came back to the game after 3 years upon hearing that cross play is coming, what should i do to catch up?

... Do whatever came out during the 3 years you went AWOL... If you can't remember the last content released by then, I suggest to do everything again...

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