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Supporting The Grineer: Of Cause And Consequences. (Add Your Own!)


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We RP forum now. Here's how I see the entire conflict wrapped up for the Tenno.


The Rhino marched. In his right hand, the heavy weight of the Brakk felt good. The misshapen, heavy Grineer design did not offend him. He knew why he was using it, and he remembered very well what he had done to obtain it. In his left, the sleek Machete, in Wraith configuration, was feeling like an extension of his anger. He marched, down the hallway of the Galleon. His heavy steps led him into a room full with Grineer marines, all ready to embark on a mission of their own.

"You may wonder why I am here. I remember your ship. The 'Apostle of Grievance', a war vessel like many others. I fought here, repelling Corpus boarders and defending your soldiers."

The Grineer were unsure how to react at first, slowly turning towards him. Some raised their weapons, others left them hanging low. One of the Heavies, brandishing a massive Gorgon, stepped forward, and with halting speech, addressed the Tenno. His voice was demanding, despite the poor mastery of the language.

"Why are. You here. Tennooo? We are. Not. Fighting together."
"I know."
he replied.

With a loud crack that resonated from the walls, the Brakk fired, shredding the skull of the trooper and sending him flying backwards. As the body of the marine fell on the floor, everything froze for a splitsecond. A multitude of weapons was charged and primed, Soldiers took aim and dove for cover as they shook of their surprise and confusion.

"I have not forgotten!", the massive Tenno bellowed. His voice fueled him with righteous fury.
"And I will not forget this, ever!"

The Rhino stomped on the ground, channeling his anger into the impact. The shockwave cleared out the ranks in front of him, and as the soldiers were grasped and shattered by the flux of power, he started executing one Grineer after another, floating in the air of supercondensed time. The Brakk bukced in his right, the Machete was dipped in chests, cut throats and severed limbs. Like a god of hatred and destruction, the Rhino plowed through their rapidly dwindling ranks. Shots ricocheted of his shields and armour, without tangible damage.

"YOU ... are the enemy, too."


Feel free to add your own.

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I like where this is going but i'll have to remain professional here:


-Grineer are years behind in terms of technology compared to Corpus, they are experimenting on warframes but they don't make progress,


corpus on the otherhand are doing quite well, Berserker for instance seems like a major turn point, rescuing fellow tenno and slowing their progress was vital.


 - Alad speaks of partnership, the one he had with grineer before? The one he broke because he became greedy? Backstabbers will only get backstabbed in the end.


- Colonists, we don't know anything about them, but thinking about it does it really matter who will opress them? They are still suffering nothing we can do for them for now.

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(I'm going to continue this, if that's ok with you... my rp instinct is calling out to me) (Also, my ash is kind of cocky) (also, I was with Corpus, but I can't resist Rping!)




Ash walked towards the Rhino, twirling his viper around his finger.


"I see you already took down most of them, guess you couldn't leave some of them for me in this room, shame."


He pats Rhino's back and casually walks to the next room, where more Grineer were ready to shoot.


Ash raised his arms, "Oh, guess you got me."


As the first bullet shot, Ash disappeared in a puff of smoke, appearing behind one of the Grineer, and stabbing him in the back.


"Come on guys, give me a harder challenge!"


They all started shooting, and again Ash disappeared, now stabbing each Grineer consecutively until none remained.


"Too easy."




Was that alright?

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Nihilis Rex began to turn, yawing like a massive leviathan in the sea of stars. The unidentified blip on the radar had made no attempt whatsoever to cloak its approach, but the Commander was taking no chances. The Galleon bristled with las-shot cannon and kinetic bombardment silos, warming up in the humming heat of impending discharge.


"Incoming object showing no signs of stopping, sir," said the coxswain at the bridge. "Most likely hostile in origin. Velocity suggests it's a torpedo. The shields should absorb the impact."


"Wait," the Commander's eyes narrowed. The other Grineer stationed at the deck paced nervously, weapons half-raised and trigger fingers itching in anticipation. "That's no missile."


The object tore through the void. As it approached the perimeter of the Galleon, the Grineer ship's shields flickered a pale, electric blue - then shorted and sputtered out like a dying sun. 


The Commander rose from his command throne. "What just happened!" he barked.


The coxswain hammered a furious sequence of commands into the console station. "I - I don't know," he stammered. "Our shields are gone. Some kind of pulse overloaded the system. I can't get them back up again!"


The Commander swore and grabbed the intercom. "All hands on deck!" he gritted his teeth and hissed. "All hands on deck! This is not a drill! Sharks in the void - repeat, sharks in the void!"


All of a sudden, the ship went dead. Lighting and electric systems failed. Gas and hydraulic engines stalled mid-pump. Escaping vapour hissed from steaming pipes; gunner stations and missile pods powered down. With only rudimentary life support functioning, the Galleon hung dead and silent in the void - until the bridge lit up with the angry red light of an incoming holo-transmission.


"Grineer," it said. The screen flickered into static life. A smooth, eyeless helm regarded them - not as a man might another man, but as a sniper might its target through the crosshairs. Semi-organic mandibles chittered mechanically from its mouthguard. Its voice sounded dry and raspy, like the sussuration of an ancient solar wind only just beginning to stir again.


"Off the dust storms of Mars, we spilt so much Corpus blood that the red planet wept. We broke the merchant's back and sent him scurrying back to the dark holes that his kind rot in. But do not forget - not even for a moment - the limits that alliances of necessity are built upon. Do not forget that I am the predator - and you, the prey.


"Consider this warning a gesture of courtesy. A mark of respect, if you will, for the honour we shared in fighting together. But that era is dead and gone.


"Prepare your ship for boarding." 

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