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My wish for the new war quest

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  • At least a 3-5-minute cutscenes of action where your chosen warframe fighting and preforming sick moves and the operator.
  • Make choices in the quest and the choice you made in the war within quest to come into fruition .
  • Some sort of cliff-hanger where they will be a part 2. (if its possible)
  • A unique reward at the end of the quest e.g. getting to choose between 4 waframes.
  • A much longer quest.
  • Returning characters e.g. maroo, mycona (infected civilians)
  • The true form of hunhow.
  • New unique gameplay.
  • All the warframes you have with you personal cosmetics to be seen in the quest in an epic fight.
  • Some new mechanics for the operator and to see more of him/her in the quest.


As for after the quest I would like to see some of the gameplay elements in new game-modes e.g. operators in conclave.

I would also like to see a warframe in the future similar to Teshin like a samurai warframe and can we get the swords he`s using? but if so please MAKE BOTH SWORDS THE SAME LENGTH.


I`m keeping my expectations low until I play the quest.


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Some other thing I would like to see in the quest:

  • The operators able to use the dash from the era quest in certain missions.
  • Everything is included in the quest e.g. necromechs, k-drives etc.
  • The operators get some sort of upgrade in the quest.
  • We get Teshin`s duel sword as a reword but BOTH BLADES ARE THE SAME LENGTH.
  • We get to go to different locations e.g. all three open words.
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On 2021-07-21 at 11:29 AM, (PSN)Vexx757 said:

A much longer quest.

It looks like one of the things I wanted is happening. If I'm not mistaken the script for the new war is about 200 pages which not only means the quest is longer but the length of it is the equivalent of a new game.

However again I'd advise you to keep your expectations low.


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I`ll been refreshing my memory on the lore of warframe and one thing I would like to see in the quest is the operator`s past through flash backs.

What happened on the zaramin ten-zero? their training exercises in the focus schools, the other two mysterious focus schools, the slaughter of the orokin and what oro is?

I recement for people to either replay the quests again or watch them on YouTube so you know what`s happening. I had no idea what was going on while playing the quests but now looking it up I understand and it`s hard for me not to be hyped, but again I will keep my expectations low and you guys should too.

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