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I look in the mirror and no MIRAGE



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1 hour ago, (NSW)syn2wyn said:

She is not in the foundry. I will check inventory when I get home. Thank you kindly for responding ☺️

When did you start building her? You have waited the full however long was it... 72 hours I think? For a frame to build and she is not showing finished and ready to claim? 

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If you built her in your Foundry, then you have to collect her from your Foundry one she's built.  So she's likely still in your Foundry, waiting for you to collect her.  Open your Foundry and search for "Mirage".

If she's not in your Foundry, then open your Inventory (I believe this can be found by pausing, going to Equipment, and then going to Inventory) and search for "Mirage".  This will show you more information about Mirage items you have.  Part of me wonders if perhaps you built her Chassis, etc, but didn't actually build the full Mirage.

If this doesn't help, provide more information; the more info you provide, the better we can solve your problem.

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