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Unreal Tournament Skins an "Epic" PITA on PC


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They're cool skins and weapons.. I grew up with unreal and unreal tournament and wish Warframe had more nods to their origin.
I would've happily spent money on a pack that add more to the list though like a pulse rifle (supra), Bio rifle (stug). Miter(razorjack?), lex, stinger etc. But in saying that i would like to see those weapons with their true primary and alternate fires. I was disappointed stahlta was nowhere near as mechanically interesting as the original shock rifle. (yes i know the quanta exists too)

On the topic of scrutising the store download exclusivity. I still cant get access to tennogen because of my choice of avoiding steam at any costs. issues like this exist around every storefront this game is linked to.

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On 2021-07-21 at 2:17 PM, taiiat said:

generally in Business, everything is about boosting numbers. you don't do something if it won't boost your numbers.
who's surprised.

while i'm here, you can't go without an Epic Account at all, but you can use the Heroic Launcher instead of the Epic Launcher if you'd prefer that.

Sadly, this is the case. DE's Greed is getting to EA's level.


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