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Infinite reactant buff on Empyrean Survival node in Neptune Proxima


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I started a Void Storm in the Survival node of Neptune Proxima. I managed to get all 10 reactants before going into the main Corpus ship. The buff I got from it was the infinite ammo on my Tenet Arca Plasmor. However, the buff never ended. I'm currently 20 minutes into the mission and it's still going. I changed weapons, went into Operator mode, tried to reload and nothing fixed it. When I get 10 more reactants, the buff appears to be applied (the icon shows up), but none of my equipment gets the buff. My Arca Plasmor has no visual indicator that it's corrupted. It simply has infinite ammo.

I have uploaded a video showcasing this. Please note the ammo counter never going down as I proceed to shoot more than 10 times (as it's clearly not a UI glitch) and the absence of the reactant buff on the top right. I also switched my secondary to show that it's using up ammo normally.


Thanks for your time.

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