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New Decoration mechanics or is it bugged???


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I know you are making changes to help Dojo Decorators and stuff but while trying to decorate my dojo and ship in my very crappy basic ways I noticed a change that is BAD in my opinion.  I dont know if its a bug or just the new way of doing things because the big time decorators requested it....

Your in decoration mode...  You pick an item/object to place...

BEFORE it would work like this...   You could rotate/roll/flip the object.  You could move the object around in the air and it would stay perfectly level.

AFTER....  You can rotate/roll//flip an object.   If you move an object around in the air its position is like locked looking in your direction so if you move the piece UP its will rotate and move to face you.   This makes it IMPOSSABLE to move things around in 3D and keep them level and aligned correctly.  

I can see WHY it was done.  Im sure that is super helpful for building 3D natural looking scultpures.   But how are we suppose to build things level and straight now ?? 

This is exactly like a function in Captura where you tell the camera to focus on your warframe.   I think the decoration camera needs this Toggle so you can turn ON/OFF objects moving to face to you or not.  

I guess I can make a quick video to demo this.  

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On 2021-07-21 at 2:26 PM, (PSN)ClockworkSiren said:

You might have the Billboard Facing option toggled on.

Crap I was thinking the same thing or maybe a new button and totally forgot to check.   BUT.... I have toggled that before and never saw it really do anything...   (Plus it was set to how its always been set so nothing should have changed if it was a toggle)

*edit Looks like it is on.... I will try shutting it off...... never knew it did that lol.  


But anyways... heres a vid....


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And for more level decorations, especially when moving them around or rotating, you should use the grid snapping on its first (and smallest) setting, just in case you didn’t know that already!


and yeah, I’ve never used billboard facing while decorating so I notice if I’ve accidentally toggled it on, but it’s easy to miss the tick mark next to it that shows it’s been toggled on.

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