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Not getting sisters today



Hi all. 6 missions in a row for sisters. Jump in Hydra, capture target goto granum get specters, kill coin guy. ok so far, someones dispatches sister larvea?? and its kneeling, no weapons display or X button on PC to get sister???? Is it just today??? Got several last week just fine?? any advise???

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1 hour ago, o1517 said:

someones dispatches sister larvea??

This is your mistake. Only the person who dealt the final blow to a Kuva Larvling/Sister Candidate can stab it and generate the respective Nemesis. Going with a squad can be very detrimental as there is quite the chance someone else will get to it first and down it, preventing you from stabbing it. It is best to generate your Nemesis (Sister, in this case) on your own to prevent anyone else from taking the Lich/Sister for themselves.

If you are having trouble dealing with the Granum Void on your own, there is but one simple answer: the Xoris. It is hard-coded to one shot Errant Specters with a fully-charged thrown explosion regardless of mods, and it covers a huge range. Usually, this explosion will create enough Particles to recharge your Xoris immediately for more explosions.

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