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New Warframe idea: Fethara, the bird warframe


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So ive been thinking of this warframe idea for a long time so i want to present the community with this new concept. Fethara: A female warframe based on a bird that can be very useful in tight situations. Her abilities: Birds of prey, Send one of Fethara's trusty birds over to either a team member, or an enemy. By using this upon a team member, this will grant them a certain buff. 1.health regen (health loss for an enemy) 2. Armour Increase (amour decrease for an enemy) and 3. Damage booster (damage weaken for enemy) these three bird buffs can be selected using the same format as ivara's quiver. 2nd ability: Supersonic Call, within a certain radius, Fethara can let out a haunting howl and temporarily stun nearby opponents, making it easy to kill enemies. 3rd ability: knocking Swoop, push away enemies with Fethara's wings and force them to drop their ranged wepons (doesnt work for melee class enemies) doing this on a teammate will increase their speed for a short period. Watch for the skys with her 4th ability: wings of trepidation, go into a sevagoth / Titania form with wings working as an archwing and three new abilities. 1st: reigning crash, from a high distance, perform a deathly crash to the ground, killing any enemies within the crash radius, if not killed then temporarily stunned. 2nd: painful feast, summon a flock of birds on stunned enemies ONLY and let them pick of the armour and flesh of the stunned opponents. 3rd and final ability: bladed wings, aim your wings at enemies and send flying razor sharp feathers in their direction. Any enemy found within the radius of this will result in death but if not killed will grant the slash debuff to the enemy. However doing this will result in Fethara losing her archwing form and turn back to normal. The quest idea: this will be set in cetus where master teasonai asking for a favour to explore a signal where all the condrocs seem to be following. Going to the signal will lead you into an ancient temple where there will be a wing fragment of Fethara. There will also be a statue of Fethara herself inside. The main objective of the quest is to find wing fragments in temples all around the plains and when completing the quest, you will be rewarded with Fethara's main blueprint. The parts will be found in master teasonai's new bounties. Aka, tougher animal hunts, and helping animals in harm from the Grineer / Ghouls. I really hope this someway makes it into the game and i personally think this will be a good idea. :)

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