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200 larvlings and zero Tonkor



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Normal might not be the best term to use here, but yeah, kinda. Like you are unlucky, but not in some crazy impossible way. Took me over 150 attempts to get the Kuva Zarr, which is a bit unlucky. Also got the Kuva Hek on my first attempt to get it. Thats not "normal" either, but I'll take it. 

If you are struggling getting the weapon you want, running in a group of friends can help. If you are all searching for more weapons, then trading them after, your chances will improve. Alternatively, buying the Lich/Sister with the weapon you want from trade can work. 

Good luck! 

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Thanks for the feedback I did a few more and quit. Was hoping the Kuva lich system had improved after only needing 41 granum missions to get a Tenet Spirex! but with 19 possible Kuva weapons as someone kindly pointed out, it's still a horrible experience unless you want the new ones. I'll stick with my Tonkor being 47% which is fine I guess.

The funny thing is I got all 3 new Kuva weapons in a total of 5 runs! Weird right? It's as if they made sure people got the new kuva weapons easily to avoid any further bad sentiment towards the Lich system. Very strange. The repetition of new Kuva weapons did lean towards the new weapons a bit after that but there were only 4 grattlers. 

In other news I feel sorry for people hunting their Liches a month from now when the nodes are less busy/empty.

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