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The next "open world" area?


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So what do you all think the next open world theme will be? I have a few Ideas to what could make an interesting area.


1: Under water themed. Factions: Corpus and Grineer. Plus dangerous aquatic life.

Location : Uranus.

Travel method, Archwings for getting around fast, or a new type of vehicle designed for the area.

On the left side of the map there is a Corpus base you can raid or complete bounties at, the right side a Grineer base for the same reasons. The entrance to the map will be either the top or bottom via cave entrance or a Tenno/Ostron themed base. (lobby)


POIs: Cave systems and crashed sunken ships to explore, new or reused drops to mine and gather.

A world boss like the profit taker/Eidolons Which could be a large form of squid/octopus like creature that can grab and throw you around so you'll have to use dodge to avoid being grabbed. Could also have powerful Grineer and Corpus themed ships/vessels as bosses.

Buried and forgotten Orokin vaults or other Corpus/Grineer facilities.


Story: The factions are fighting over a relic/artefact buried somewhere in the area and it's up to the Tenno to either find or stop the Corpus and Grineer. (Relic/Artefact could be used as a new weapon, Archwing, or Warframe design.)


2: Orokin Tower Mega-Structure. Factions: Void Corrupted

Location: Void

Not exactly a wide map but has multiple floors with elevators/stairs with different themes. Gardens, Labs, Orokin residential areas, Vaults, Factories, Prison. Can also have multiple towers outside that can be reached via Archwing, each with their own theme.


POIs: Labs that can be used for data collection bounties (mobile defence/wave defence), Prison for rescue themed bounties, Vaults for survival themed bounties where you begin hacking a vault door and have to survive X amount of time for the door to open. Factories for collecting items/tech themed bounties.

World boss could be a powerful Orokin themed/coloured Necramech and will require Necramechs to fight.


Story: The Entrati have sent you here to collect data and tech for them, but the System of the Mega-Tower does all it can to remove you. (Could be an Orokin loyal Cephalon?)

The reward for this area can be the blueprints and parts for a new type of Necramech. We have a ranged/artillery and a melee theme one already, so a void energy power based one could be the new mech.

Ability 1: Void Shot.

(Tap) Fires a condensed penetrating beam of void energy from the left hand, dealing damage and leaving a chance for the void status proc.

(Press) Charges up a close range shotgun blast of void energy in a cone dealing damage and sending enemies away from the player, can proc void status.

Ability 2:  Void Melee.

(tap) Creates a blade/spear of void energy from the "palm" of the left hand and thrusts it forward, dealing damage in a straight line and staggers enemies. Can proc puncture status.

(Press) Creates a cable/whip of Void energy from the "palm" of the left hand and swings in a 180 - 220 degree arc dealing damage and knocking enemies over. Can proc Impact status.

Ability 3: Void Shield.

(Tap) Projects a frontal screen of void energy that is immune to damage for 1 second before it starts taking damage. This shield is capable of reflecting projectiles back to the attacker.

(Press) Projects a 360 degree bubble that limites the mech to a walking speed but can protect allies in the bubble. The shield is immune to damage for 1 second before it starts taking damage. This shield can only deflect projectiles like a Corpus nullifier shield.

Ability 4: Devastation Cannon (exalted weapon)

Deploys a large Void powered cannon or gun from the left side of their back that raises over the shoulder where the left hand grabs the grip of it. The player can then point the cannon at a target of their choosing and semi-auto fire weak single target shots or hold the trigger to fire a powerful shot with an AoE blast on impact with a 1 or 2 second cooldown before being able to fire again. (Mech can move while this skill is active but no dash/glide. This skill drains energy while active)


If you have ideas on what an open world area could be like and their location/faction post a comment!.

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Yeah, as BansheePrime said, DE has already announced that the next free roam area is supposed to be the place where the Duviri Paradox takes place unless they change their plans, which appears to either be in the Void or some sort of Void-like pocket dimension that will likely entirely new enemies we've never seen if that were Dax looking living sculpture thing in the teaser is still their plan. Since they are currently in the mind set of delivering on past promises and they have added that Void Worm to the game that was in the teaser, Duviri Paradox will most likely be the big story update in 2022 since it sounds like New War is supposed to wrap up a lot of the story stuff that's gone on in the Sol System. DE has stated on a number of occasions that they'd like to send use to new places we've never seen that are outside the Sol System, and the Void certainly fits that description unless they really plan on sending us to Tau, which is what some of us believe was the original idea for the Railjacks being added to the game before they turned it into it's own game mode.

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