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Bring back Railjack 1.0 under Steel Path(SPACE BATTLE ONLY)

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Right now Railjack is just taxi only, enemies all instant killed by AI crew, LITERALLY all that's left of Railjack "space battle" is shooting Crewships with front cannon. 

I unironically love Railjack 1.0. Enemies were tough so you must have a squad with you each playing a different role, it was legit space battle, it was challenging and IT WAS FUN to play any role even as an engineer fixing the ship and crafting ammunition. 



1. bringing back Railjack 1.0 difficulty under Steel Path


3. No Acolyte/acolyte ship like Tempestarii

4. No AI Crew so a squad of players must work together

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I do miss the missions with 'wipe the enemy fleet' being the only objective...

I don't see a point on those raid squads happening in railjack... I mean, if I wanted to play on foot, there is basically anything else in the game... railjack should be about railjack...

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Am 22.7.2021 um 16:36 schrieb DoomFruit:

Get rid of the "Lavos is now objectively the best pilot or gunner" mechanic and sure, you've got my vote.

Seriously, the energy system change was abominable.

hardly anyone used to play railjack. they want to turn it into arcade mode. you can see it.

and this building, repairing and walking in circles is something for fetishists.

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I just came back from a break, went to play some railjack.  I got excited seeing new mission types.  Oh hey, railjack defense, that's new.  So I go to do it, figuring I'll either be using, y'know, my railjack to defend something or at worst my archwing.

It's literally an on-ground defense with a short railjack component to open up the defense?  Why, though?  I don't really understand who this is for. 

People who hate railjack aren't going to want to use their railjacks to open up a ground defense when they could...just do a ground defense that doesn't involve first spending time in a railjack.  They can just get right to it without wasting time in a game mode they hate first.

People who like railjack don't want their railjack to just be a taxi to get to something like yet another ground defense when the regular game is already rife with those.  If I had wanted to play a ground defense, I'd have chosen one of the many already available.  I wanted to do some missions with my railjack. 

Not really happy about this.

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