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Matchmaking and Peer Hosting troubles


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As anyone with poor internet, or anyone who has played with those of us with said poor internet knows, Peer to Peer hosting can cause a wealth of problems in matchmaking. If the bad internet gets made the host, they are fine but the rest of the squad struggles. As someone with poor internet I would be MORE than happy to deal with the lag of my network if it means I don't get squads constantly moaning about having to play on 200 ping, or squads at all since many people just up and leave if they see the ping go over 50. It is quite irritating to have to try starting an arbitration , or sortie, or survival/defense mission to farm whatever it is I'm after that day several times and backing out of the nav screen if the game doesn't find a squad for me. So, I propose a solution so that everyone can not have to deal with higher ping, and those of us like myself can actually get squads: allow us to remove ourselves from the hosting pool.


If I could do that, I would in an instant. I am perfectly ok with sitting in a queue for a minute or two until someone else invariably comes along to do that same mission. I already essentially do that, starting ad restarting and restarting until it merges me with an established host. This would just streamline the process and I think it would genuinely improve the gameplay experience for everyone. It's opt-in, so nobody would feel forced out of being the host if they REALLY wanted to be, and it could be added to the extant "Public", "Friends Only", "Invite Only", and "Solo" dropdowns. A "Public-Client Only" option or something to allow people like myself to still get a group for the increased mobs or for completing a difficult mission without anybody, them or us, getting inconvenienced.

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I think the game already has netcode/script that select the best host from squad. My clan are from all over the world, sometimes when we group to do things, the person started the squad doesn't always become the host, the game switched host for us.

I don't mind OP suggestion, but honestly I don't think people with poor connection are willingly do to this. Although I am really tired of those mcdonald wifi host that cause host migration in RJ. Ping limiter doesn't seem to filter them out.

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