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sister of parvos bug, dead but not


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so i was grinding out my fist sister after coming back to the game after a while, i was doin fine farming her realized shes pretty strong and i was struggling a decent amount. i finally got all my requiems and went to go kill her to get my new shiny weapon and when i finally killed her did the 3 stab thing with correct requiems and killed her then died, i wasnt given the option to kill or recruit her and then i finished the mission. i look at my sister progress and it says shes still  active and she even took money from me on the mission i killed her, but if i look at my parazon it says i finished her and the last 3 were correct. if i look for her somewhere on the map she doesnt have any sector so i cant even go looking for her. i was real excited but now i cant even try and get any other lich weapon. DE pls fix 

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