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Grendel gets locked in place when grappled by a Kuva Lich while Grendel is in pulverize ball form


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Platform this was experienced on: PC

Bug: If Grendel is in pulverize ball form when a kuva lich grapples him, it locks Grendel in place. Nothing fixes this, not even the /unstuck command.

How to reproduce:
1) Get an active Kuva Lich to spawn in a mission. It doesn't matter whether it is your lich or the lich of another player.
2) Play as Grendel, of at least rank 10 so that Pulverize is unlocked.
3) Inhale an enemy with Feast, so as to enable you to use Pulverize
4) Enter and stay in Pulverize ball form
5) Get within melee range of the Kuva Lich so that the Kuva Lich attempts to grapple you, while you are still a ball
6) Upon a successful grapple, the bug should exhibit itself. Grendel will now be unable to move, and this continues for the rest of the mission.

Rate of reproduction with Kuva Liches: 100%. If a grapple was successful and Grendel was in ball form, this bug exhibited itself every time. I tried this on ~10 Kuva Liches, with multiple different liches from other players. It does not seem to be specific to any individual Lich.

My testing to see what actions are possible while the bug is active:
1) Movement yields no results and no animations. WASD and sprint lead to a change in camera field of view, but no change in the warframe's location.
2) Aiming and looking still works.
3) Bullet jump, jump, and other parkour actions do not move the Warframe, nor do they show any animations.
4) Shooting is disabled.
5) When Grendel is bugged in this manner, he retains the use of his four abilities, as appropriate. Feast, Nourish, Regurgitate, and Pulverizer can still be used, activated, and deactivated.
6) Naturally, the bug starts with Grendel being thrown while in pulverize ball form, so he's in ball form. If you deactivate pulverize, Grendel will exit Pulverize ball form (without any animation) and lay on the ground, motionless. Assuming you still have enemies in your gut, you can still re-enter pulverize ball form, but still can't move.
7) Catapult, Grendel's augment, can still be used. You get no movement or motion, but you do get the change in field of view.
8) Explosives and other things that could push or fling a ragdoll warframe body will indeed push or fling Grendel's body. Thus, when you have enemies in your gut and run out of energy, the force of enemies exploding out of your gut can push Grendel's ragdoll body.
9) Importantly, transference still works, and you can fight and extract as your operator, but if you transference out, you go back to being bugged Grendel, unable to move from your stuck location, just as before using transference.
10) The "/unstuck" command does not fix the issue.

Notes about my testing process to reproduce this bug:
1) The mods, companion, or weapons used don't seem to have any impact. I successfully reproduced this bug with an unmodded Grendel, with no companion equipped, no primary, no secondary, and an unmodded Skana as my melee weapon, just to remove all possible variables.
2) The individual Lich doesn't seem to matter. This works with even other players' Liches.
3) The computer specs or client-side game settings do not seem to have any impact with regards to this bug being reproduced. I asked a friend to test this (different PC, different specs, different graphics and game settings, different player) and they, too, reliably reproduced this bug.
4) I attempted to try this with multiple Sisters of Parvos, only to fail to have them ever attempt a grapple.

This issue was present as of July 21st, 2021.

For the esteemed individual at Digital Extremes who reads this and is tasked with fixing this issue, please send up the chain that I feel that an easter egg of a Kuva Lich dribbling and dunking ball-form Grendel like a basketball when grappled would be pretty funny, especially combined with voice lines. Just a humorous thought I had while reproducing this bug to test it out.

Photos for reference, posted in chronological order.
Screenshot taken during the grapple animation, which is kinda wonky:

Immediately after the grapple; Grendel is now locked in place, mid-air:

Transference still works. Here we see ball-form Grendel still mid-air, motionless. Note that Grendel isn't falling or jumping here, he's just suspended in the air:

Back to being Grendel rather than the operator, if you deactivate Pulverize, you will return to normal Grendel form and will subsequently ragdoll and fall on the floor, unable to move.
I took this screenshot after returning to Grendel, ending Pulverize, ragdolling, and then using transference to take the screenshot as an operator. Note that the visual effects of Pulverize's AoE damage are still visible, despite Pulverize no longer being active.

Another screenshot taken during the grapple itself.

Screenshot of after the grapple. Note the text in the bottom left indicating that the "/unstuck" command has been used, yet it failed to rectify the problem.

Picture showing ragdolled Grendel, this time from his perspective rather than that of the operator:

A final screenshot showing that yes, even when ragdolled, Feast still works:

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I encountered this bug as well and i would like to add some more.

If you are hunting your lich and manage to enter its ship, if you are in your pulverize mode at the time of getting grappled you will be launched outside the ship, be placed in a T-pose and have to fly back. Upon entering the kuva liches ship you will still have the A-pose, and you will be able to move around but you will be stuck whit the physics of the ball. I tried eating a enemy, entering pulverize the ball will not spin, and will be locked facing a direction, upon leaving your pulverize your body will be stuck curled up and your head will start floating above the body, completely detached.


DE plz dont fix to hard its ?imw=5000&imh=5000&ima=fit&impolicy=Lett?imw=5000&imh=5000&ima=fit&impolicy=Lett

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