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Custom tab in arsenal, for better sorting


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I love WF so I have been keeping every weapon. More than half of them have been forma and have multiple mod configuration. There is no way I could remember every config I made on every weapon unless I click each weapon to see. I know we could already make profile loadout, but this is about sorting multiple weapons at once.


Suggestion: Please allow us to create custom tabs under the arsenal, which we could manually adds weapons into different categories and create name labels. (For better and faster sorting)


For example: If I see a Corpus faction Sortie that has "shotgun only" modifier, I can go to my arsenal click on the "anti-corpus" tab I created, and select one of the shotgun. This is not possible currently because if I search for shotgun in the textbox, all the shotguns in my arsenal would pop up instead. Then I have to click on each individual shotgun to see which one is mod for against the Corpus.


As WF's arsenal grows with every update, I think a better sorting or label system is required. Some custom tab examples could be: heavy attack, status primer, headshot weapons, and Riven etc. The possibility to create unique label tab is endless. It certainly will help sorting inventory in long term future contents.



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