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Sister's fight is a proper challenge we haven't seen in a long time


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8 hours ago, _R_o_g_u_e_ said:

What’s the solution for the damage reduction?

Two things can "defeat" the damage reduction off the top of my head:

-Anything that adds damage that isn't on the weapons card.
For instance: Volts shield, Banshee's sonar weakpoints, and other related interactions.  This does include the new arcanes BTW.  Mods that have additive effects depending on circumstance (such as status effects or combo counter) seem to be able to push past some of the DR threshholds as well.

-Rapid striking lower DPS weapons.  IF they have a low enough damage the mitigation applied to them is pretty much non-existant...and if they hit rapidly enough they will outdo the higher damage weapons in TTK.  Weapons with high pellet counts also can work well here


For instance your Rubico is a horrible weapon to use against sisters.  Its damage is high enough that it goes into one of the higher DR "tiers" that builds up faster than some of the other tiers.
Meanwhile a dex furis build that isn't particularly strong will just murder a level 5 sister quite quickly as long as you exploit the sisters elemental weakness due to it being in a tier with next to no DR and a slow DR build up.


The system largely puts your weapons into various "tiers" of DR depending on how much damage it can do per bullet.  The higher this value the more DR is applied to your weapon.  This is roughly a static check though of when you load into the mission.  As you hit the sister depending on how quickly you are shooting her the DR applied to your weapon will creep up to a maximum value, if you stop shooting it'll go back down after a while.
The biggest issue with this system is that some of the higher tiers are too wide, and a lot of snipers and other weapons were lumped into the arquebex tier and as such have a very high DR floor and it builds up really quickly.
The other issue with this system is that it can't account for damage that isn't on the weapon itself.  Volt shield is a great thing to have as it is a sizable damage increase against the sister because her DR doesn't account for it.  Same with sonar weakpoints.  Same with the new arcanes, which means if you have one of the new arcanes in your gear you can easily kill the sisters as long as you get a few stacks of the arcane going.

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