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Are there any weapons you would like to see in this game?

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Maybe a pile bunker/stake driver for Grineer arm cannon, very short range, very slow fire rate, high crit, massive damage that can send any non-boss enemies to Kingdom Come in one hit, come with "diamond tip" and "explosive tip" fire mode, "diamond tip" dose mainly puncher damage and have better crit multi ,"explosive tip" can have big AOE when it hits something and will also send you flying.

Also, it would be fun if we can weaponize the Janus Key, a Orokin theme arm cannon that's made out of the device that opens the gate to the void in void sabotage mission maybe.

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An interesting idea is a lever-action shotgun with two modes, Buckshot and Slug. Similar to the Euphona Prime but with actual range and decent fall-off for the Buckshot.

Basically a Sybaris and Euphona love-child that has good shotgun stats, reliable, and robust, perfect for must situations a Tenno might finds themselves in.

Slug: Higher range, more damage and has mostly puncture and impact with decent slash. Bonus damage upon headshot (3.5 extra crit damage)

Buck Shot: Lower range, a lot of pellets so arguably similar amount of damage of the Slug, does a lot of slash instead of impact and puncture.

20% critical chance 

2.0 critical damage mult

Tear through hordes of enemies with the buck shot or clear out some heavy hitters with the slug. This robust gun from years past has made a return to clear enemy hordes once more. 

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On 2021-07-24 at 3:53 AM, Grekkatarq said:

More variation of assault rifles, smgs, semi auto pistols, more auto pistol, one handed hammers, spears like someone mentionned before me. I also would like axe weapons with the one and two hand aswell because those weapons are surely can be strong enough. Also maces or flails because currently we do not have flails, mace is only represented with magistar beyond that there is only zaw version. 

These are things that could please me very well but my heart wish one thing really - Grenades.

Flail grenade like from Gears of War? Maybe have it be a secondary,  primary-fire throw alt-fire melee swing?

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