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Key binding issue gun switching in Rail Jack


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Switching from FA to gunnery doesn't work with the primary binded key.

I have to set a secondary key and with that i can switch between gunnery and FA.

Default "F" is primary binded, with default it doesn't work. If i bind "F" on secondary it works.

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For me it worked when bound to F but I also cannot use it if it's bound to Q


I tried placing Q as the secondary bind too and doesn't work either...

But what I can do is leave both F and Q as the switch weapons, rebind "leave seat" for RJ to something else (I had F) and I can use Q to switch weapons in normal gameplay and F to switch in RJ BFG... 🙄 

Also seems to work if F is in secondary bind too, it just does not care about other keys at all xD

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