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Mods/Helminth Abilities Ideas.


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When shooting:
+ 10% firing rate

+ 10% Multi-shot

+ 6% Dispersion / -6% Accuracy.

Stacks up to 10 times and decays by 5% every 1s.




When killing with mercy: The next hack performed will be automatic. Stackable up to 3 times.





Apply 2 stacks of Corrosive status for every 3 consecutive shots hit on the same target.





When killing an enemy affected by 3 or more unique states: Transfer all the states that affected him before dying to the 3 enemies closest to the target.





+1.2 Punch Through

+ 30% chance that projectiles can generate an additional projectile when piercing an enemy.
The projectiles generated cannot generate more projectiles.




Disables all enemy anti-spy systems close to 30m. Turrets and Traps will now attack their own allies with 2.5x increased damage. Lasers and traps will not trigger alarms. Enemies will not be able to trigger alarms and robotic enemies within range will be stunned for the duration of the ability.

Duration of 20s, increased by Duration mods.
Range can be increased by Range mods.
Turret damage multiplier can be increased by Strength mods.



Approach an Eximus unit and steal its elemental aura to use for yourself, increasing its qualities to your advantage.

Duration 30s. The ability is not recastable while active.


Flaming Aura

45% damage dealt by allies and the damage done by the bearer of the aura is accumulated to be released in a great explosion that will burn and knock down all enemies. Press the button again to unleash the accumulated damage. After casting the blast, the damage counter will return to 0 and can be cast again until the duration of the overall ability is exhausted.

100% of the accumulated damage is transformed into Heat damage.
The 45% damage stack is not affected by mods.
The blast has a base damage multiplier of x0.75 that can be increased by Strength.

The blast range is 20m and can be increased by Range mods.


Arctic aura

Slow nearby units and create a dome around the user that absorbs a certain amount of damage.

The dome is restored only after 5s of being destroyed.
Its radius is 5m and it is modifiable by Range mods
Its slow radius is 15m and it reduces the speed of enemies by 30%, up to a maximum of 75%. Affected by Range and Strength mods.
The mode has a stamina of 2500 health and can be increased by Strength and Health mods.


Lightning Aura

Every 2s it emits an electrical pulse in a range of 15m that has a 75% probability of Electricity status.

The state probability is immutable.
Range is affected by Range mods.


Leech Aura

Drains health from enemies at 20 yards, drains 1% of each nearby enemy's maximum health per second, and heals allies with health drained.

Health drain can be increased by up to 5% per enemy with Strength mods.
Range can be increased by Range mods.


Parasite Aura

For each enemy close to 15m regenerates +2 energy per second.

Range can be increased by Range mods.
Health regeneration can be increased to +10 Energy per enemy with Strength mods.


Poison Aura

Nearby enemies are affected by the toxin status, dealing damage per second in a 20m radius, in addition to adding 60% more Toxin damage to allies' weapons.

Range can be increased by Range mods.
Damage can be increased by Force mods.
Applies 300 toxin damage per second, increased by Strength mods.


Regulator Sensor Aura

Makes you invisible to any type of camera, immune to lasers or traps. In addition to revealing all enemies and caches in + 20m on the minimap.


Guardian Aura

Increase allied shield regeneration by 200%, maximum shield amount by 100%, and shield regeneration delay is now 1 second.

Shield regeneration and shield capacity is increased by Strength mods.

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