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Best builds for nekros prime



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4 hours ago, (XBOX)OKM King said:

good build for him

Dunno 'bout "good" but FWIW, this is my general use build, works well enough I dare say:

Corrosive Projection, Vigilante Pursuit
Umbral Vitality & Intensify
Stretch, Primed Continuity
Equilibrium, Health Conversion
Despoil, Shield of Shadows

[BTW no Umbral Forma needed if you Forma all other slots lol]

You can - and should - adjust this according to your own preferences, of course.

Maybe you want a bit more Desecrate range, so swap, say, Health Conversion for Augur Reach.
For more SoS damage reduction, you could use Blind Rage and regular Vitality in place of the Umbral Mods.

YMMV on this also, but I do enjoy Shooting Gallery in place of Terrify for an ongoing CC effect that not least also helps the Squad.

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