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Inaros Revamp Idea


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Inaros has 4 abilities and 2 of those are quite unused often. I imagine an 'Inaros main' makes their 2 and 3 key feel a little neglected.
So I have an Idea on how to make his 3 much more in tune with Warframe itself.


Inaros would channel it the same as before and it would largely visually be the same with the exception of that allies within Inaros' Sandstorm would see heavily reduced particles so they could see and fire out of the storm whilst still being able to recognise they are within the storm and items are collectable however the energy restoring barriers would stay implemented. Here's where things start to drastically change.

During the channel of Inaros' Sandstorm he is no longer invulnerable and is not the storm itself, he would be kind of like Wisp's partially invisible and spinning in the centre.
The Sandstorm would now destroy enemy projectiles that hit it, forcing enemies within to use melee, no longer CC's enemies and grants allies within the storm its damage reduction.

Stats : (for some extra clarity)

Energy Drain per second : 10
Damage Reduction : 50% (25% for allies)
Damage per tick : 50% Slash | 50% Heat = 100, 175, 250, 325, 400
Range (radius) : 3, 4.5, 6, 7.5, 9

This concludes my idea for Inaros' Sandstorm rework to make it a more useful tool in his kit that has reflection on his intended role and lore. 

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One thing I will just say is that keep in mind any "vacuum" like effects on the ability would only be on the side of the player. DE made it clear they dont want abilities that vacuum abilities for all players with the greedy pull change a while ago just because so many strats immediately became reliant on just afking with a big range ability while another player pulls energy from your kills to you.

edit: but yeah other than that i do really like the idea of it being reworked as a passive aura, his kit is very support based in this odd way and so something like a buff zone actually fits him quite well I think. 

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Sandstorm should have its ragdoll on enemies and damage capabilities removed but instead act as a partial blind/cover (Inaros is hidden in the storm to the enemies, but the enemies can see the storm they just don't know where Inaros is precisely in the storm) for Inaros and pull in resources and drops from the ground. Rather than animate Inaros to spin around creating the storm the storm would just form around Inaros as he walks/runs around. While in the sandstorm Inaros would have 25% increased movement speed. Enemies within the sandstorm cannot see one another and attack each other without discrimination (potentially attacking Inaros). With a continuous energy drain while the ability is active. 

Enemies and AOE attacks towards the player are dealt in full, the accuracy of projectiles just wont be as accurate. 

I didn't want the ability to be like an invisibility because it would actually be drawing the enemies attention towards the storm and projectiles and AOE enemy abilities would not be altered by the storm. Only thing would be enemy accuracy since they would not be able to see the exact location of Inaros inside the storm. 

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