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Level 2500 spawning at the beginning of Kuva Fortress - Tamu - Disruption - Requiem Fissure


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Brief summary/background:
I was farming for requiem mods, I had the mission choices of Disruption, Assault and Spy. I chose Disruption. I brought Chroma Prime because why not. I started the mission and decided to stand still to ready my vex armor and I suddenly blew up and died. I respawn and turn around to see a level 2500 Corrupted Kuva Bombard. Is that... supposed to happen...?

Hardware: PS4 (software updated to most recent)
Game Version: 2.01 or the one that has queen pins (bug on 7/23/2021)
Mission: Requiem Fissure - Disruption (60 - 70)
Location: Kuva Fortress - Tamu (Specifically the tile set was a "+" shaped connector in between the two rooms with the conduits, with the remaining 2 sides not connected to anything)

Played Solo (Host?)
I play this game somewhat frequently, not too many requiem fissures however. But I'm rather certain 2500s usually don't spawn at least in the first 5 minutes of the mission.
It was the second mission I did upon logging in, after a Requiem Fissure Assault (with different equipment for the assault).
The said enemies spawned after unlocking the first door, approaching a conduit and before getting a single key.
Did not crash the game, was able to finish the mission and then quit (1 round).
I do have a video clip but psn is currently not cooperating with me on uploading it, will get to it on a later time.

Equipment: Chroma Prime (4th ability hemilinth smite)
Primary: Vermisplicer Kitgun
Secondary: Talons
Melee: Glaive
Heavy Gun: Kuva Ayanga
Companion: Smeeta Kavat
(all max rank and several forma)
Friendly Kuva Lich (who spawned after I exploded)
Intact Requiem Relic I
0 Reactants

Enemies that spawned:
Normal ones (the kuva enemies with the correct levels and corrupted variants)
Demolysts (with the correct levels)
the 2500s (maybe 20 in total have spawned throughout the mission) (Corrupted Kuva Bombard, Corrupted Kuva Elite Lancer)

Reproducing it: (I couldn't)
Same mission, same relic, same gear: Did not spawn anything beyond the normal levels
Same mission, different relic, different gear: Did not spawn anything beyond the normal levels
Non-Fissure Kuva Disruption, different gear: Did not spawn anything beyond the normal levels
Main reason probably being I couldn't get the same tile set combination with the conduits to spawn?

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