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What are the chances of getting a good pirate (Anne Bonny) Yareli skin?

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Just a general conversation on this, I have been waiting for a female water based character since Hydro came out so I can create his partner spectre lol.

Finally happens and she is sort of an obnoxious danty model, which isn't my cup of tea but to each their own.


So my generalized question is, due to her base being so founded in her cutesy motif, what are the realistic chances of her getting a more serious skin/outlook?

Hydro's delux pirate skin so far in my opinion is the goat of warframe deluxes thus far, but he's always had the pirate attitude built in. 



I know TennoGen can really only offer new helms and only tweaks to her foundation outfit which doesn't leave much to work with being an oversized hoop dress of sorts.

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