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Volt Warframe



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Has two damaging abilities and two support abilities.


Shock is basically chain lightning.

Speed gives you, what else, boosted speed.

Electric shield spawn a, yep, electric shield. Stops incoming projectiles and gives anything fired through it electrical damage.

Overload, AOE electrical damage.


Considering corpus are weak to electric, he's best used on them.

Outside of corpus?
May become a bit meh, so I'm told.

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So... I soloed this J3-golem 10-15 times, got all Volt blueprints bought the main blueprint and started building those 3 small blueprints. Can someone please, tell me something about this Warframe, usefulness, making it powerful..etc :)

Volt was my first so volt and I are very close.


You have two 'paths' if you will with volt. You can either go support (melee/ranged) or caster (ranged).


Because of the way mod slots are laid out the best idea is to either focus on Power Duration (support) or Power Strength (ranged dps).


You could go both I suppose but ultimately you will be a piece of paper that can cast once or twice really well.


Duration makes your team speed boost last forever. It already has a long duration as is but you can push it really really long. also your field that provides instant cover is really great vs ranged enemies in coke points. Lay down a field at the end of the hall laugh while firing into it.


Your other two abilities benefit more from Power aka damage boost. A chain lightning stun and your AOE of doom.


On a side note I recommend rolling with shade as while you ultimate your helpless and if anyone lives through it and are in melee its critical to not be a target. The other cool thing about shade is as a caster you have the benefit of your abilities not breaking stealth.


Most people honestly are going to love you for your electrical field (which can provide great cover for reviving people) and you speed boost which not only makes you run crazy fast but it boosts melee attack speed turning your team into blenders.


Beware casting the field near odd terrain or on walls. its know to 'shrink' to fit the small space giving you less cover then intended. The good news is you can cast as many 'covers' you have energy for. Don't stack them or they will stop your own shots.


That said avoid infested as you are made of paper however if you go duration speed melee build as long as your witty you can get away with a lot.

Corpus are your main purpose but Grineer don't like you much either.


Lastly don't waste mod slots on electrical damage. Your field gives all projectiles that go threw it a free eletrical charge almost better then the mod.

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I consider volt to largely be a support frame. His electric damage output, while initially good against corpus is lackluster against other enemies and drops off quickly at higher levels. Of course, we'll have to wait and see how damage 2.0 affects his damage output. Leaving that aside, Volt's electric shield ability is, in my opinion, his most useful and important ability. It not only give all projectiles to fly through it added electric damage but increases the range and critical hits of most weapons fired through it. The new synapse infested gun can fire off a constant stream of red crits when fired though the shield; and many other weapons react in interesting ways. Its worth playing around with. Volt's speed is probably most commonly used simple for rushing through missions, but the dramatically increased attack speed can give players a huge melee dps boost, especially with non-charge attack weapons. Finally, I believe, his shock ability has a very small stun effect. If used properly it can interupt large crowds of enemies for a split second or interrupt or prevent the knockdown attacks of heavies. But this is quite tricky.

Now his overall stats leave a bit to be desired making him a more difficult frame to use. You will have to compensate for your lack of innate survivability with advance movement and strategic positioning. 

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