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Railjack feedback


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so the rank 10 command intrinsic is not worth for several reasons as follows
1) I was under the impression that they would be better than the regular however the 2 that I could afford are no better than the ones I had before actually they are worse none of their skills were maxed except endurance the stat that does not matter that much.
2) as I said in the above reason they cost millions of credits and like 100x the mats for no real bonus.
3) they only have 3 attribute points still

So with Grineer Railjack, I feel it is lackluster compared to Corpus Railjack because with Grineer it is just the same missions with a little random flare added to it like different amounts of enemies ships to defeat and maybe disable a shipkiller lazer it's also not got anywhere near as many rewards as Corpus Railjack has like the new mods or weapons. I was also under the impression that when Corpus Railjack was released with regular mission typing like exterminate and survival I thought Grineer Railjack would get an overhaul to meet the same standards however keeping their level, also I noticed the Murex never appears in Corpus Railjack in the veil Proxima regions although I thought it was supposed to appear in any and all not just Grineer. I love the game and have been supporting you for a few years now spending money when new content like Yareli the new frame comes out because I don't want to see this game ever stop growing. I just feel like Grineer Railjack could use a rework and make it maybe suit/flow the same as Corpus Railjack. I know I am not the only one but I also wish we could use mechs in main missions, not just Railjack missions because when the Orphix Venom Event was released it was really fun and great to use mechs in the main missions.


void keys should drop a little more regularly as well please

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vor 23 Stunden schrieb Emperor_of_Destruction:

so the rank 10 command intrinsic is not worth for several reasons as follow

there is nothing to level anyway. or did you even level gunnery lvl 10?

and for on-call it is great. then you have an almost perfect dmg dealer in missions and engi for railjack.

i don't need elite things for gunnery. I only need lvl 5 for 1 skill.

in general, I don't think much of command lvl 10 either.

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