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Maximum framerate part2 (hello [de]glen)


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You did a great job in 2018 with finetuning the framerate limiter in warframe, but I think it would be a good time to update the warframe's frame limiter. Currently the fps limiter has predefined fps limits like 60, 72, 75, 120, 144, 165, 240 and 360 if I remember correctly. However there are a lot of options in the monitor market today for monitors that have different refreshrates like 160Hz and 175Hz and maybe  even others that I might have noticed on review sites like tftcentral for example, but I just don't remember currently.

Also, if you have read about Gsync or adaptive sync from blurbusters, it is actually not recommended to run the same fps as the monitor max hertz is because it causes inputlag when vsync is enabled. Also, if you set 144fps on a 144Hz monitor without vsync while gsync is on, this causes gsync to get disabled and enabled all the time depending on how accurate the fps limiter is. I have seen games that have so inaccurate fps limiter that even if you set fps to 120, it somehow manages to spike above 144fps on a 144Hz monitor causing gsync to get disabled and enabled again causing stutter and tearing.

Knowing all this and also considering the wider variety of refreshrates on different monitors, would it be possible to change the fps limiter in warframe to be user defined instead? You could have a slider with a range from 30fps to 360fps for example and players could change the limit according to their needs and preferences and this would allow greater customization and better performance inputlag wise if people are using adaptive sync technologies.

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