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Brief case weapons not turning into brief cases

(XBOX)Vamma Takayn

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Ok excited about brief case weapons, except they aren't animating like they should.

Brief case weapons (melee) lack the holster style "business casual"

What should happen on equip of the "business casual" style instead of the brief case being attached to the Warframe character hip, rear end, back, ECT, the brief case should be held in to the side of the Warframe, this "holster style" should persist in relays, cities, dojos, and in non combatant areas.


For primary and secondary brief case weapons, the option "visible when holstered" currently has the weapons attaches to the characters buttocks, hip, back side.

Instead the brief case weapons should be held in the hand with the toggle switch option of "left or right" so the player can choose which hand holds the brief case weapon. 

Since the character only has 2 hands a maximum of 2 brief case weapons can be held by the in-game Warframe at any given time. 

In the event a player toggles "business casual" ("holster style" or "visibility when holstered") to the "on" position the oldest on the 3 weapon types (primary, secondary, or melee) will get "removed" from the "business casual" holster visibility ("holster style" or "visibility when holstered").

To maintain speed of switching should a player be in active combat with the "holster visibility" "business casual" active the player Warframe will "hide via teleport" similar to how a players weapon appears when they equip a weapon, but from the straight arm position making for fast equip/de-equip animation


Animation changes should be launched with a series of armor chest plate cosmetics known as the "business Tie collection" where the player can equip a series of business ties to thier Warframe in place of chest plate armor. Both options of "straight tie" and "bow tie" cosmetics should be made available. 


These changes will create an environment of safety, professionalism, and cleanliness in the Warframe video game environment. These changes will also keep the brief case weapons free of flatulant debris from the sitting animations, as well as the sliding animations. With the briefcase free of debris the dps, and efficacy of the weapons should exponentially increase in Warframes power fantasy.

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