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FPS dip on Exploiter phase 2 (possible effect cleanup issue?)


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Did Exploiter last night with a friend to show him the ropes, and upon exiting Deck 12 I noticed an extreme FPS drop after a short time. Upon further experimentation it appeared to be dependent on where I was looking - If I looked roughly near the mouth of the cave (I circled around it a bit, and it appeared to be localized to that spot, not in that general direction), my framerate would drop severely, down to about 20fps. This was in absence of anything that was visible that could be causing the issue, and also was not related to Exploiter herself - as the issue would occur without her being on screen. I was the host, and after returning to Deck 12 and reinitiating the fight, the issue persisted.

Currently fighting my connection, but I will attempt to reproduce when I am able. I have also reached out to the friend that I was playing with to see if they also experienced the issue, but they are currently at work and unable to reply. Hope to have more data soon.

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