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Primary Kitguns Grip Bug...?


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There appears to be some sort of bug with either the descriptions or the displayed stats when previewing primary kitgun assemblies, specifically the Grips.

Specifically, they all have the exact same fire rare (8.00) in the assembly preview screen despite their descriptions clearly indicating variation.
EG: the Tremor is described by in game text: "High damage with recoil to match. Slower fire rate."
the Shrewd is described as "Trades lower Damage for faster Fire Rate and more controlled Recoil."

I should specify that the loader appears to make no difference, whereas this is not true for the Chamber (except for Gaze and Vermisplicer, where there is no change regardless of Grip).

Is this a bug, or is it intentional? If it is intentional, perhaps some mention should be made in the text...? eg, not true for beam weapons ... and whatever the vermisplicer is.

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