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Did Not Mercy Kill a Kuva Larvaling, Yet was forced to get a Kuva Lich.


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So just now, i have acquired a Kuva Lich when I shouldn't have. To explain my situation i was solo running through the mission Telesto with my Baruuk using my Tenet Cycron because i just needed a bit of affinity, and i just ran through the mission ONLY killing with my Tenet Cycron, i did not mercy kill any kuva larvalings NOR did i have any signs like my screens flashing nor the dialogue indicating a kuva larvaling had spawned. So frankly i ran through the mission normally and did not even know a kuva larvaling spawned, but when i went back to my orbiter i was met with the sight that i had acquired a Kuva Lich out of nowhere?

Could something be done about this as I did not want to get a Kuva Lich and i was forced to get one due to some bug.

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vor 46 Minuten schrieb Gwyndorias:

It would be wonderful if they could be removed off my account because i don't want to waste my parazon mods into killing a Kuva Lich for a weapon i don't want and already levelled before.

the bad thing is it will most likely take longer for the support even try to remove it befor you yourself can do it is not nice people asked for an option to remove liches since day one of the system but well there is no progress so get to work

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