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Operator Outfit Configs Not Purchaseable... Why?

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DE, you will receive a lot of :platinum:platinum if you allow us to purchase additional Operator Appearance Config Slots.

We can buy 3 bonus appearance configs for Warframes, and we can farm additional copies of Warframes (or keep their non-primes) in order to end up with crazy numbers of really diverse appearances for our Warframes.

I'm sure I'm not the only person who wants 3 or more standard appearances to switch between as our mood strikes, but also wishes to have additional slots with which to experiment and think of new appearances.

Please give us additionally purchasable config slots for Operators. Bonus points if you make them reorganizeable like Warframe's, extra bonus points if you give us Equipment Configs, for switching between specific Amps and Arcanes.

It'd be neat to be able to have aesthetically tactical/stealth-looking outfits and appropriate arcanes and Amps, or open-combat ones, etc, that are switched to when we select specific Warframe Loadouts.

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