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Mercy Animations Not Working after 30.5


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My mercy animations on thralls are not working at all (havent found any recent threads or anything so not sure if its widely known bug). Tried about 40+ thralls with mercy finish but animations are not performing (warframe just simply stabs parazon to enemy which seeing it all the time is a bit lame and annoying).
Havent tried sister yet if its the same with hounds, but thralls are not working for sure. Tried changing skin, unequiping mods if by any chance any of this was issue.
- Not using Swift Mercy.

Than in general mercy kills especially with liches are quite buggy as hell (is it host issue? Dsync? Engine?...) but 60-80% of the time when performing vanquish on lich and attempting to see animation you simple attack plain air which quite breaks that cool moment and immersion. Seeing animation and bodies align correctly is a miracle and im just surprised that after years this is still happening.

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