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Glaive WindUp Speed Charged/Quick Imbalance. Minimizing Windup Time


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So the Recent Glaive Changes:

Heavy attack windup time was Doubled across the board 600ms -> 1200ms

Quick Throw vs Charged Throw were previously similar damange, now Quick Throw is half the damage of Charged. (as well as half the throw time)


Well that seem balanced, half the throw time for half the damage -EXCEPT there's a fatal problem:

There is a Minimum throw Time now!

If I want to preserve the previous 'feel' of Glaives, in theory I should apply Windup Speed mods, and bring the time down to 600ms Charged, 300ms Quick.

This does Not Work, there is a Hidden Minimum throw time of 400ms. Meaning, the previous speed and feel of glaives is Never Returned, even at the supposed fair trade of half damage.

Further, the 400ms Cap on quick throws, makes them Less Efficient for DPS than just going with 600ms Charged Throws.



please remove the Undocumented 400ms Minimum Windup Limit. half damage was already enough of a nerf, and if i choose to sacrifice mods slots (and further damage) to bring my Windup Time lower, I should have that choice.

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This is an interesting post. there is no question the recent glaive nerf is doing something undocumented under the hood that is reducing damage on detonations.  I am not exactly sure but it seems like the amount of radial damage is not as great as it was before the nerf.  I also wonder if some of the charged heavy throws are actually registering as quick throws. Not sure but something more was changed than was not documented in the patch notes.   My hunch is that the goal was to nerf (obviously) but someone got overzealous and nerfed more than documented. 

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