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Visual, Audible overlay


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Hey, been thinking about creating an Overlay with overwolf. 
Its main porpuse would be reminders from the warframe hub website and also ingame audible and visual reminders of progress like void fissure, health energy and stuff like that.
I know the game has lots of these implemented already, I just wanna try out what I can get out of this.
I read the TOS or TOU and the EULA.
The EULA said no 3rd party software like cheats. 
So if I make one of these its breaking the EULA. If not how much of it is acceptable ?

Thanks - Fellow Tenno

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Well based on another 3rd party addon... 



Though overwolf api only shows a few api options..

Reminders from warframehub should be fine, but doesn't look like you get access to any useful ingame info like health etc. 

I'd say hit the 'install as app' on warframe hub, but since it's audio alert that is easily missed and can't be heard over the game.... So it's a pretty good idea and I'm pretty sure other players would be interested in an overwolf app like that even if it was just the warframe hub notifications.

Devs might be nice and open up some api calls for overwolf if people show an interest

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