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Vauban Build Suggestions?



I just got a Vauban and was planning on using:

1. Tesla

2. Bastille

3. Vortex



6. Stretch

7. Continuity

8. Streamline

9. Redirection

10. Fast Deflection (in exchange for bounce)



OR should I use the Corrupted Mods?

Blind Rage

Narrow Minded

Fleeting Expertise




If you have better build for optimized Vauban, please share?

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my build is 

I never had the need for vortex or fast deflection because I usually play infested defense with my ogris, and I like to use bounce either to get to a good vantage point for ogris or to watch enemies go flying

1 tesla

2 bastille

3 bounce

4 focus

5 flow

6 continuity

7 constitution

8 redirection

9 streamline

10 stretch

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Well, I can't seem to get a Screenshot on here, so I guess I'l type it.










Narrow Minded

Fleeting Expertise


I've got 3 Forma in him to fit all that, but that's because I love him and he's my main. 3 Forma is kind of unnecessary unless you plan to use him a lot. 

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If you want to use Corrupted mods on him a Vortex Spam build is the way to go. Unaffected by power strength and range means you can safely maximize efficiency and duration without worrying about narrow minded's reduction to range. 
Max narrow minded, constitution, continuity minus rank 4 Fleeting Expertise nets you 25 seconds of vortex. 
Max-1 streamline on top will then allow you to cast it as a one skill.
Flow and energy syphon help to keep your energy reserves up.
Redirection helps you keep alive long enough to lay a couple down, vigor is an option to. 
Bounce is useful if you like bounce otherwise useless. Vortex totally replaces the functionality of Bastille and Teslas now, while sacrificing their use in this build.
I dub it, Vorban.  

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